The cat breeding station
November 30th 2013
On International Cat Show in Olomouc Ellen got a wonderfull judgement, third CAP and nomination to Best In Show competition, where she lost by one single vote only. She has now the title Premier.
October 14th 2013
All of our "N" babies are gone to their new loving homes and Mia has some time now to rest and get back into the condition ;-)
October 1st 2013
Pretty Nelly is still waiting for the right familly for her. We´ve added new photos of her - please see here >>>>>>
September 17th 2013
The kittens started to leave for their new forever homes. Our beautiful kitten Nelly is looking for hers yet. More information in the Actuall litter page >>>>>>
August 31st 2013
We´ve added new photogaleries of the kittens to the Actuall litter page >>>>>>
Kittens are 10 weeks old.
August 17th 2013
On the International Cat Show in Ostrava our sweetheart Ellen won BIS neuter in group II. - semilonghair cats. We are very proud and happy to share our home with such beauty :-)
August 16th 2013
New pictures in the photogalerie (at age 8 to 9 weeks) . More here >>>
August 12th 2013
The kittens are eight weeks already. More info here >>>
June 17th 2013
Our girl Mia gave birth to four beatiful ragdoll babies. More info in Actuall litter "N" >>>
March 24th 2013
We attended with our girls on International cat show in Uherske Hradiste yesterday. Both our girls have got exeptional evaluations and both of them were nominated into BIS. Ellen won BIS castrate of group II. - semilonghair. We are very proud.

May 2nd 2012
The kittens are 3weeks old today. We´ve aded new info and also links to their photogaleries. More in the Actuall litter >>>

April 11th 2012
We have got two big, beautifull and healthy kittens. For more info visit the kitten pages.

January 19th 2012
Ellen has got an incredibly plush fur in this wintertime. You can see her latest pictures HERE>>>>> and see it on your own.

November 11th 2011
We aded some new photos of our sweethearts into the galery. You can display the complete photogalery by clicking  HERE>>>>>.

May 2nd 2011
On Saturday April 30th we attended show in Ostrava. Ellen has got her third CAC there so she has now the title Champion. On Sunday May 1st we went to Žilina. Our sweetheart has got a beautifull judgement report and also her first CACIB. We would like to congratulate our honey for such success.

March 21st 2011
On Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th we attended with Ellen our first Cat show in Uherske Hradiste. Both of the shows were very successful for our princess. On Saturday she´ve got her first CAC along with the nomination to BIS, which she in fact won for the females in group II. On Sunday she´ve got her second CAC and again was nominated into the BIS. We are very proud to have such beautiful sweetie.

December 16th 2010
We´ve received yesterday the results of DNA tests for PKD and HCM and Leni is negative for both of these lethal genetic diseases. We are very very happy.

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