The cat breeding station
We are small cattery of the Ragdoll breed. We live along with our cats in a flat in a small town situated in northern Moravia - about 35km down south from Ostrava.
Our cats can freely move around the whole flat and sometimes it even seems that we live with them and not they with us. Each one of our cats has it´s own exceptional personality and habits but each one we love the same way and each one is very special to us. Our cats are true members of our familly and we are not able to imagine our lives without them. Cats are creatures which can repay the care and love you give them thousand times back to you.
We fell in love with the Ragdoll breed when we visited one of the Cat exhibition - once you get the chance to pet and hold a Ragdoll cat you just get totally lost for it and there is no way back. The decision to have a breeding station of this wonderfull breed just didn´t wait too long. Ellen is our dreamcat and the time when we waited for her was absolutely worth it. To have a  doll like her home can be measured as the total dose of happiness.
In case you would like to meet us and our cats in person, you´ll be welcome to visit us.
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