The cat breeding station

Ragdoll is very beautifull and affectionate breed. Some breeders say that it´s all in one cat – love, happiness, blessing, luck – just everything you expect to get from a cat. I can totally agree with this saying.

The breed itself is prejty young. It´s history begann in California in United States back in the 60ties. The first cats to Europe came in the 80ties.

Ragdoll is semilonghaired cat. It´s coat is very soft and silky – it makes you cuddle the sweetie as often as you get the chance. It sheds a little bit less than the usuall homecats.

These cats are medium to big size. The girlcats weight from 4 to 6 kg and the tomcats are visibly larger in size with 6 to 8 kg. The neutres can be even slightly digger than that. The cat developement is slow. It grows into it´s full size in like 2-3 years.

The kittens are always born white. They gain their collor pattern slowly when they grow older. The full colour is developing till like 4 years of age. Eyes are always blue – the deeper the blue the better it is for show cats. The colour of the eyes is developing slony the colour of the coat.

Ragdoll is the easy to go along pet. It gets along with other cats as well as dogs and specially children very well. It´s very often used for felinotherapy for their special personality.

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